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Terms and Conditions


The owner of the online store is the company

Candy Wojciech Czyżowicz

97-320 Wolbórz ul. Garncarska 43

NIP 752-143-00-66, Regon 361116390




1. To set up an account, it is necessary to complete the contact form with the Customer's personal data in accordance with the form. Each account is assigned an individual login and password. Creating an account is voluntary and optional.

2. You can make purchases without an account, i.e. purchases without registration.

3. The advantage of having an account is the ability to check your purchase history, receive notifications regarding the status of your order, participate in contests, and receive newsletters.


1. There are two ways to place an order in the online store:

a) creating an account with login and password

b) placing an order without creating an account.

In both cases, it is necessary to complete the order form to place the order.

2. By completing the order form, the Buyer concludes the sales contract and accepts the store's regulations.

3. The prices in the website are prices in Polish złoty and include applicable VAT.

4. The order summary contains information on the total price of the subject of the order and delivery costs. The customer is informed about all costs when filling in the order form.

5. The store has no other hidden costs.

6. After accepting the order, the Seller will immediately inform the Customer about the acceptance of the order. Confirmation will be made by sending the Customer an email to the email address that was entered by the Customer in the form when placing the order.

7. The order is saved in the online store system as evidence of the contract.

8. We reserve the right not to combine orders.


1. Payment in cash on delivery.

2. Payment by bank transfer to the Seller's bank account using ING Bank Śląski account number: 56 1050 1461 1000 0092 0890 4020.

3. The payment title should include the order number. Otherwise, it may cause a delay in the execution of the order, or the payment may not be identifiable.


1. If the Customer chooses payment by bank transfer, the Customer is obliged to make the payment within 3 calendar days from the date of the Sale Contract. After this time limit, the Sales contract is terminated due to the fault of the Customer.

2. If the Customer chooses cash on delivery, the Customer is obliged to make cash payment on delivery.


1. Orders are processed within 1–4 business days.

2. If you choose the traditional bank transfer payment, the above business days are calculated after the payment has been credited to the bank account.

3. The delivery time depends on the payment method chosen by the Customer:

• Fast  payment: 1–5 business days,

• Payment on delivery: 1–5 business days,

• Payment by traditional transfer: 2–6 business days from the date of payment.


1. Product delivery is available in the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad, according to the price list of the Polish post office organisation or courier.

2. Delivery of the product to the customer is made for fee, unless the Sales Contract provides otherwise. The product delivery costs are public and are provided in the "Dostawa i płatności" tab and when placing the order.

3. Collection in person is not possible.

4. The time limit for delivery of the product to the customer within the country is 1–3 business days (according to the contract with the courier company) or 2–5 business days (Paczka w Ruchu).

The customer is obliged to check the parcel in the presence of the courier. If damage is found, it is necessary to write down a damage in transit report and immediately notify the Seller of this fact by email. Failure to write the damage report with the courier will prevent the initiation of the complaint procedure, and thus the return of the goods.


1. Replacement of the purchased goods is possible only by using the return and submission procedure and paying for a new, independent order.

2. All complaints and returns should be submitted by sending a completed form by email to or to Candy Wojciech Czyżowicz, 97-320 Wolbórz ul. Garncarska 43. We recommend sending by registered mail. We do not accept any parcels sent back to us with cash on delivery payment. The return form is attached to each order together with the receipt attached to it.

3. Returned goods cannot bear traces of use, they should be properly secured and packed, and returned to the store address: Candy, ul. 97-320 Wolbórz ul. Garncarska 43.

4. In accordance with Article 34 paragraph 4 of the act and consumer rights, the consumer is responsible for downgrading the value of things as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things.

5. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

6. The seller will respond to the complaint or return as soon as possible, no later than 14 calendar days from the date of its submission.

7. Note. The basis for initiating a complaint or return procedure is a correctly completed return form (attached to each order together with a receipt attached to it). Submitting another form or incorrectly completed form may delay the processing of the complaint.

8. The refund will take place in the same way as the payment was made. In the case of collection packages and orders paid by regular transfer, the refund will be made to the bank account number provided in the return form.

9. The full scope of the Seller's liability and obligations to the Customer is determined by generally applicable law, in particular in the Civil Code. For sales contracts, the basis and scope of the Seller's liability to the Customer for non-compliance of the product with the sales contract are set out in the generally applicable consumer sales law.


1. The customer who is a consumer who has concluded a distance contract, may, within 14 calendar days, withdraw from it without giving a reason and without incurring additional costs, except for transport costs to the Seller. The Customer may send a declaration of withdrawal from the contract by email to or by post office services to Candy Wojciech Czyżowicz, ul. 97-320 Wolbórz ul. Garncarska 43 (the exception is underwear, which is not returnable).

2. The seller is obliged to immediately, not later than within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the return of the product and the Customer's statement of withdrawal from the contract, return to the Customer all payments made by them, including the costs of delivery of the product (except for additional costs resulting from the delivery method chosen by the Customer other than the cheapest usual delivery method). If the Seller has not offered to collect the product from the Customer, he may withhold the refunding of payments received from the Customer until the reception of the product back.

3. We do not refund money via postal orders.

4. The customer is obliged to return the product to the Seller immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. The customer bears the direct cost of returning the product.


1. This section of the Regulations and the provisions contained therein apply only to customers who are not consumers.

2. The Seller has the right to withdraw from the sale contract concluded with the Customer who is not a consumer within 14 calendar days from the date of its conclusion. Withdrawal from the Sales Contract in this case may occur without giving a reason and does not give rise to any claims on the part of the Customer who is not a consumer.

3. In the case of Customers who are not consumers, the Seller has the right to limit the available methods of payment, including requiring prepayment in whole or in part, regardless of the method of payment chosen by the Customer and the fact of concluding the sales contract.


1. The service provider provides the following services electronically to customers:

a. Enabling the conclusion of electronic sales contracts in the Store in accordance with these regulations

b. Enabling registration in an e-shop and creating a customer account

c. Electronic sending of commercial information about goods and messages informing about the current status of the order.

2. Technical conditions for the provision of electronic services by the Service Provider are as follows:

a) Access to the internet,

b) Using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox or similar)

c) Having an email account.

3. Complaints regarding the provision of electronic services

a. The service provider undertakes actions to ensure the fully correct operation of the Store, to the extent resulting from current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove within a reasonable time any irregularities reported by customers.

b. The Customer is obliged to immediately notify the service provider of any irregularities or interruptions in the operation of the Online Store website.

c. The Customer may report irregularities in writing to the following address: Candy Wojciech Czyżowicz, ul. Garncarska 43, 97-320 Wolbórz, by email to or by phone at 512 293 521.

d. In the complaint, the Customer should provide their name and surname, mailing address, type and date of irregularities related to the functioning of the Store.

e. Undertakes to consider each complaint within [14] days, and if this was not possible, to inform the Customer within this period when the complaint will be considered.

4. Settlements of transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via


1. The Seller reserves the right to amend the regulations.

2. In matters not covered by these regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.


BUSINESS DAY One day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
REGISTRATION FORM The form available in the Online Store enabling the creation of a Customer Account.
ORDER FORM Electronic service enabling placing an order.
CUSTOMER A natural person with full or limited legal capacity, who is not an entrepreneur.|
ACCOUNT Electronic service with assigned login and password in which the data provided by the customer and information about orders placed by them in the online store are stored.
NEWSLETTER Electronic Service provided by the Seller via email, which allows the Seller to receive information about Products, new products and promotions in the Online Store.
PRODUCT A movable item available in the Online Store that is the subject of the Sales Contract between the Customer and the Seller.
SELLER Candy Wojciech Czyżowicz, ul. 97-320 Wolbórz ul. Garncarska 43 NIP 752-143-00-66, Regon 361116390
SALES CONTRACT Product sales contract being concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the Online Store.
ORDER Customer's declaration of intent made using the Order Form and directly aiming at conclusion of a product sales contract with the Seller.