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Cocktail dresses are great for special occasions. If you are attending a wedding, anniversary party or a baptisms, they will definitely hit the spot. You can also wear them to a company party or an elegant dinner. It is for a reason that the stars have fallen in love with this cut - cocktail dresses are really feminine and versatile. Remember to always choose a cocktail dress style to match your body type. It is important that the cut emphasizes the strengths and masks the shortcomings of the silhouette. That is why in CandyTM we have a huge selection of cocktail dresses. We’ve got mini cocktail dresses for ladies who want to show long, shapely legs, as well as elegant wrap dressesthat emphasize the waist and mask too broad shoulders. We also have girly flowery dresses, light strappy dresses and fashionable checkered dresses. Check our offer. Find a beautiful cocktail dress, choose the right accessories for it and create an outfit in which you will look really special!